THEM “Fear Them”

“Fear Them”

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From what I understand this started out as a tribute to King Diamond but as time went on it evolved into a band of originals. Yet there is supposed to be that dramatic edge from King Diamond left. And I really hope that is so. I totally love King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. A world without a new album from either is a poorer world. Hopefully this will sooth some of that ache. I kinda expected this to be King Diamond-esque and it is. You can easily hear that this started out as a tribute band. But there is much more to it than just being a cheap rip off. This does stand on its own two feet. The songs are as dramatic as any King Diamond but this is much more power metal than anything else. So if you like stuff like Kamelot you’ll find the same enjoyment I do in this too. Anders Ekdahl

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