Theories – “Regression”


Theories – “Regression” (Metal Blade Records)

Face melting death / grind from Seattle, WA! Despite their seemingly cerebral name and album title, this is about as insane as it gets – screaming screech core from Rick, darkest buzz saw riffola with sick warblings that make it sound like Rick’s torturing his guitar – or maybe the other way round – and a drummer who miraculously has two hands left given how much snare snapping is twacking out’ve both mid ranges on my smokin’ speakers. Jeeesus. Odd man out seems to be bassist Kusha Karimi, who, besides adding to the wall of noise appears to keep these three slavering hunds in this pack under control less they tear each other (and probably the crowd too) into bloody little pieces on sick ditties like ‘Bathing In Pigs Blood‘, ‘Hell In Her Eyes‘ and ‘First World’s Last Breath‘. Formed by members of Samothrace, Skarp, and Book of Black Earth, clearly one round on the funny farm was not enough, hence Theories where their brand of blurring, blast beat brutality has seen them ride the whirlwind from Maryland Death Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Southwest Terror Fest, to their most recent tour with new label mates, Cattle Decapitation. It would seem that nowhere in Continental North American is safe so pray those nuclear shelters can withstand the white heat from this blast!!!!

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