Thor – “Electric Eyes”

Thor – “Electric Eyes” (Cleopatra Records) 

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Oh man, how could this album be lost from 1979?!?! Still, it’s Thor so anything is possible and apparently was ‘shelved’ in the Asgard vaults as the man (god) developed his new 80s metal image. Originally intended to be the successor to his 1977 “Keep The Dogs Away” release, “Electric Eyes” is 10 previously unreleased tracks including a cover of the Trogg’s ‘Wild Thing’. Despite confinement in a dusty box for over 40 years, the analogue tapes have kept remarkably well, so the sound quality here is excellent and although somewhat rawer than its predecessor, true to the original recording and authentic 70s sound.  The material is a mixture of glam rock, hard rock and proto metal true to the late 70s era with bumbling bass, workmanlike drums, organic guitars and of course, the vocals and screams from the muscle bound warrior himself. From the proto blast beating (!) of the cheesy but catchy ‘Gladiator Romp’ to the chugging hard rock of ‘Interception’ to the glammy ‘Twitch’ complete with sha na pop harmonies and rock n roll solo, there’s plenty that takes from the 70s greats and in many ways, I can’t understand why this wasn’t released at the time as the composing is well up to par for that time. Best of all was the mean n moody ‘Storm’ penned by the man himself, with its deep riff and punchy chorus completed by a funky 70s solo – excellent! Although now relegated to cult status, the once mighty  Jon Mikl Thor can be heard in all his glory once more on this new found treasure from the mists of time!

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