Thor – “Thunderstryke II”


Thor – “Thunderstryke II” (Rock Saviour Records)

Lighting strikes, lightning strikes again! Holy molee, one of rock-sensation’s legends has returned as if in vengeance to crush wimpy Chris Hemsworth underfoot heh heh! Thor – this Thor – is none other than 70s bodybuilding champion turned rock star John Mikl Thor, who literally burst his way onto the mid 80s metal scene by blowing up water bottles and bending steel bars with his teeth, but more importantly, releasing cheesy but incredibly catchy toons like ‘Let The Blood Run Red’ and ‘Thunder On The Tundra’. Towards the end of the 80s Thor turned his attention to acting, which continued for the next decade before turning on his singing career again, even amalgamating the two into the movie “Thor-The Rock Opera”! Whilst the prospect of detailing his astounding 41 year career is about as daunting as cleaning a bodybuilders changing room, I will say it is true to his B movie and carnival extravaganza act. “Thunderstryke II” is a new album that includes both new and old but unreleased re-arranged tracks from the ’70s and early ’80s. And that’s pretty much where it’s at: essentially 70s surf / biker rock that will appeal to anyone who grew up in an era glamorized by sword n sorcery, pot, choppers and sun kissed surfin blonde chicks. Trippy but growly vocals, dirty crunching proto metal guitars and an exotic sound that is both epic and trippy almost befitting the decadent splendor of Kublai Khan on songs like ‘Megaton Man Returns’, ‘We Live To Rock Again’ – and wait for it, the barbarian disco of ‘Energy’! F–k, even the cover could be straight out’ve a Johnny Holmes loop it’s that 70s. Far out man, simply far out….

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