Thormesis – “Von Leere Und Tod”

Thormesis – “Von Leere Und Tod” (AFM Records)

Wow, what a fuckin racket this Bavarian pagan / blackish metal make – this album literally jumps into your face from the dual screaming / roaring vocals thru to the ear shattering clanging guitars and speaker smashing drums: I think these guys went straight over to the mixing desk and whacked every knob up to ten LOL! Although lyrically every song dwells on death, be it as a subject or from personal experiences of friends dying, it has certainly been translated well in the passion and furor of tracks like ‘Sterbend Herz’, ‘Tuerme des Schattens’ and ‘Des Wolfes letzter Gang (r.i.p. Wolfang S. / ex Thy Wicked) although what really impresses about Thormesis’s music is the way they splendidly blend their blackish, pagan (and even punk!) elements together or even harmoniously in parallel on this excellent album which is definitely loud, intense and wild!!!!

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