THORNAFIRE “Eclipse Nox Coagula”

“Eclipse Nox Coagula”
(Ibex Moon)
I’ve been into metal for 30 years. Over these years I’ve come upon thousands of bands. Some I remember better than others. Some I don’t remember at all and some I think I remember but have no idea if I’ve heard or just read about them. Thornafire is one of these bands. I seem to remember their name from somewhere but I can’t place them anywhere. Hearing their music doesn’t bring any clarity to my dilemma. I can’t remember if I’ve heard them before. I hardly know how to describe them musically. To make it easy on me I’ll describe them as death/thrash and not deathrash. They seem to operate in the borderland between death and thrash. You get the thrashy vocals with the doomy, death-like guitars. No matter if I’ve heard them before or not I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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