I will readily admit that I’m not a big Tolkien fan. I tried reading the “Lord of The Ring” saga but I only got as far as the first book before I quit on it. I did watch the Peter Jackson movies but that didn’t really turn me on any more. So not knowing my Tolkien I thought that the name of this band was a combination of the words thorn and goth. If this is Tolkien-ish black metal I have no idea. That it is somewhat symphonic there are no doubts about. I can’t help getting a Norwegian Gehenna feeing when I listen to this. And since I’m a huge friend of Gehenna this speaks to me too. There is a very Norwegian feeling in general to this album. You know the kind of black metal that is more about open chords than it is about a riff marathon. I like the feeling that THORNGOTH has going on this album. Another good black metal album. Anders

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