THORNIUM “Dominions Of The Eclipse”

“Dominions Of The Eclipse”
Thornium was one of the first second wave of Swedish black metal bands that I got into. I managed to track down their first album in a local record store and I was so pleased with myself for having found it. The music wasn’t perhaps what I had expected but at that time this whole aggressive black metal style was pretty new to me and it took some time getting used to it. Originally released in 1995 this proved to be a whole different beast to the stuff I was used to. I can’t say that it impressed me that much back then. There was something to it that didn’t strike a nerve in me. I thought it was a bit too primitive in sound. Today I can appreciate it better for what it is. There are some really good tracks on this disc and for most part it is a good black metal album. For a debut it was/is decent. As a testament to a black metal scene in being it serves as a fine document. Anders Ekdahl

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