THOSE POOR BASTARDS – “Behold The Abyss” LP Reissue

Those-Poor-Bastards-Behold-The-AbyssTHOSE POOR BASTARDS – “Behold The Abyss” LP Reissue (Tribulation Recording Co.)

After discovering the weird “country doom” of THOSE POOR BASTARDS, Behold The Abyss quickly became one of my favorite albums. Each track has a unique and catchy style which lends itself to being easily memorable and soon becomes one of those addictive albums that’s great to sing along with. Behold The Abyss is a concept album which centers around the murderous and necromantic deeds of an evil traveling minister named Edgar Switchblade and his horse Old Red – who eats people. Having just the right mix of creepiness and dark humor, I can easily imagine Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice performing these songs. Some of my favorite tracks on the album are: He Of Cloven Hoof, A Robe Of Scarlet Red, Phantom Pool, Guilt, Your Faith Shall Be Tested, Sacrificial Lamb and God’s Dark Heaven.

Behold the Abyss has just been reissued in an edition of 500 copies. Demand for the vinyl had reached triple digits on the Discogs music collectors site for the original pressing on red & clear splatter vinyl. The new edition is on red and yellow splatter vinyl, otherwise the packaging appears to be the same as the original.

For the true believers there are also 3 books in a western horror style pulp fiction novel series, written by Lonesome Wyatt that details the further exploits of Edgar Switchblade. The current titles in the series are: “The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade”(Book 1), “The Dreadful Death of Edgar Switchblade”(Book 2), and “The Revolting Revelation of Edgar Switchblade”(Book 3). Each book is roughly 150 pages and has dyed page edges and printed creases looking just like old pulp chapbooks. Behold The Abyss and all Edgar Switchblade titles in the novel series are currently available at but of course they’re limited edition – so be quick or be dead!


– Bard Algol

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