THOUSAND YEAR WAR “Kingdom Of America”

”Kingdom Of America”
The first time I heard THOUSAND YEAR WAR’s previous album I thought them to be heavily influenced by Amon Amarth. But the more I listened to that album the more I realized that there was more than that to the music. Sure there was a strong Swedish death metal aura to their metal but it wasn’t just about Amon Amarth. This doesn’t even slightly remind me of Amon Amarth. Instead I get more of a thrash feeling on this one. And I’m not complaining. I like the previous album and I like this one too although I’m not too sure about the Misfits cover. I get the feeling that this is a bit heavier than the album was. A bit slower. But as I like what I hear I’m not complaining. THOUSAND YEAR WAR delivers again. Anders Ekdahl

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