THRALL “Aokigahara Jukai”

“Aokigahara Jukai”
To be honest I don’t remember this band’s previous album. Not because it sucked but because so many albums have come my way since then. All I can say is that this is black metal with a sort of avant-garde twist to it. If you like Deathspell Omega and don’t mind if it is played on half speed you will get something out of this. Not that it in any way sounds anything like Deathspell Omega. It just moves in that samey circles. This is the kind of black metal that you need a specific interest to get the most out of. Don’t go expecting this to be like Darkthrone’s latest. This is much more along the lines of latter day Mayhem if anything. I might not remember the previous album but I know for sure that I like what I hear on this new one. Anders Ekdahl

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