“The Elk”
My German isn’t good enough to know what a THRÄNENKIND is. That it is some kind of child I get but what kind I’m not so sure about. But apparently it means “child of tears” which I guess makes more sense in German than it does in English. I guess that in Swedish it would be something like “tårögt barn”. If the music is as eclectic as the name we will be in for a very bumpy ride. I can’t say that I go for the weird for being weird kinda bands. I never really understood Mr Bungle or Primus or Presidents Of The United States. I’m not really sure that I fully understand this kind of post metal sound that THRÄNENKIND has. But I do like what I hear. There is a sadness to it that gives it an edge. It is not as post-apocalyptic as f x Cult Of Luna. But you get that whole feeling of no hope of the whole post –apocalypse scenery. Anders Ekdahl

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