Three Hour Ceasefire – “Cry Havoc”

Three Hour Ceasefire – “Cry Havoc” (Savour Your Scene Records)

Get the feckin’ riot squad!! Hailing from Stab City (i.e. Limerick) in Ireland, THC are a juggernaut of a noise core band set to plant a metallic shamrock right in your goddamn skull! Tortured, glass in throat screaming ‘vokills’ courtesy of DC set the tone for the pummeling of KC’s brutal drumming and AL’s booming bass barrage. But it’s MM’s thick as Guinness guitarwork that proves that all you need is one heavy fucker shredding to bring it all home – and this guy does so unrelentingly on songs like ‘Trench Knife’, ‘Fall Under Foot’ and ‘Trial Of Wounds’. Completely no holds barred, “Cry Havoc” does exactly what it sez on the tin of this veritable Irish blast bomb!

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