Throwdown – “Intolerance”


Throwdown – “Intolerance” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Music to start a prison riot to! Throwdown sound just like their name suggests: heavy mosh core violence a la Machine Head, Hatebreed or Lamb Of God. From Dave Peters’ throat strained vocals to their heavy grinding riffs it’s clear there are no punches being pulled here on monster songs like ‘Defend With Violence‘, ‘Hardened By Consequence‘ and ‘Without Weakness‘. However, with no less than 7 prior albums and heaps of touring, don’t be expecting some one pit aggro trip cos the catchy riffs and superior song arrangements ensure that Throwdown deliver maximum devastation befitting their seasoned veteran status – whether slow or fast they hit like a mule! That said, one shouldn’t overlook Throwdown’s intellectual aspect given Dave Peters’ two-decades long devotion to Straight Edge that is prominent throughout his lyrics to take up arms against adversity and find the strength to carry on. Completed by a raging rhythm, I was duly impressed by just how hard and aggressive “Intolerance” was throughout its 11 tracks – with no let up at all – and yet how slickly it was all delivered making it already one of the genres prime contenders of the year. Given it’s been four years since we heard from this Orange County crew, they have returned with a seething vengeance that simply says: get outta my goddamn way!!!!

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