THROWNNESS “The Passage And The Presence”

“The Passage And The Presence”
(Drown Within)

Battle Helm Rating

As much as I like my metal very straight and to the point I too have the ability to like stuff that doesn’t fit the usual structural frame. Music that is a bit off and odd can too find a place in my heart. As long as it is not some sort of free jazz I can listen to it and thoroughly enjoy it. For some reason I get the impression that THROWNNESS will be a rather odd beast to tackle. This is full throttle. There is a hardcore feeling to this that makes me think of an early Impaled Nazarene gone hardcore. This is though much more black metal than Impaled Nazarene ever been but it is in that ball park that my mind wanders when I listen to this. You can call this post this or that. What I know is that this makes my heart pump like mad. Listening to this is like running a mile on the tread mill. You are all hot and sweaty for the wrong reasons once you’ve listened to this. Anders Ekdahl

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