Thulcandra – “Under A Frozen Sun”

“Under A Frozen Sun”
(Napalm Records)

I loved Thulcandra’s debut – it was like an icy blast back to the heady days of black & death heavily influenced by the late & great Dissection. Since then these Bavarians have been relatively quiet, carefully concocting this new album which pretty much continues the trend of skillful metallic melodies on songs like ‘In Blood And Fire’. There’s also been a gear shift upwards especially in the chopping rhythms on songs like ‘Black Flags Of Hate’ or ‘Aeon Of Darkness’ that now remind me of At The Gates – or even Kreator in the vocal dept of Steffen Kummerer – which is a tad disappointing cos I thought these guys had it pretty much hooked with their debut’s style, but hey, “Under A Frozen Sun” is still one helluva album containing those irresistible melodies that add so much style to Thulcandra.

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