THUNDER AXE “Grinding The Steel”

“Grinding The Steel”
(My Graveyard)
Another band with a name that pretty much says it all. You don’t have to think long and hard to figure out what this band is all about. The name screams classic heavy metal. The name alone makes me think of bands like Jaguar, Tokyo Blade and Tygers of Pan Tang. All classic NWOBHM bands. And with the word steel in the album title this just gotta be classic heavy metal. And it is. As somebody who grew up on NWOBHM and bought everything I could get my hands on (which was kinda hard in a Swedish town not known for its music scene in the 80s) that whole genre still lives on deep in me. It’s in my genes now. Add to it a touch of early Metallica and you get an idea of where THUNDERAXE are heading. I’m heading that way too. This pushes enough right buttons for me to like it enough to want to spin it once or twice more. Anders Ekdahl

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