I don’t know why but for some reason I came to think of Sweden’s Heavy Load the first time I saw this band’s name. Then I saw the cover to this album and for some reason that made me think of Dutch Golden Earring. Before my mind start messing with me too much I better get to the music to get an actually idea of what this band sounds like. I’ll admit that I am not too familiar with vocalist Mark Boals work. If I’m not forgotten he’s sung on some Yngwie albums (but who hasn’t?) but apart from that his CV is a blank to me. So how he ended up doing vocals on this album I have no idea. What I do know is that this is heavy metal in a classic way. And for that purpose his voice works fine. There is a melodic touch to this that makes me think of American bands from the 80s when arena rock was big as the hair on most musicians’ heads. That they sound nothing like Heavy Load is no surprise. That they are closer in sound to Golden Earring might be more of a surprise. If you like you hardrock melodic you will do as me and check this out. Anders Ekdahl

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