Thunder – “Wonder Days”


Thunder – “Wonder Days” (earMUSIC)

Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Faces…..if you grew up to the rock legends of the early 70s then chances are you’re into Thunder. Messrs Morley, Bowes, James, Matthews and Childs certainly did! Ever since they heard the mix of blues with rock n roll and a hint of soul, rockers they would dream of becoming and over the next four decades they’ve achieved it. Now close to middle age, looking back on those wonder days the band have come up with an album that indeed takes us right back to those youthful days. Not that it’s a retro affair of any sort, not from a band that has consistently graced the album charts and whilst not being as globally omnipresent as their inspirers are certainly British rock legends, which is arguably all these south east London lads ever wanted to be. Morley and Bowes are one of these naturally winning combinations that no amount of hype can surpass, from the former’s heartfelt acoustic melodies to sending powerhouse rock reverberations throughout your body on songs like the scintillating ‘Resurrection Day’, or the slow, swanky ‘Black Water’ and my personal fave ‘The Thing I Want’. Bowes highish clean vocals are of course the perfect foil to Morley’s guitar, tenderly reaching into your soul while being unmistakeably rock throughout, exuding their power on the hard stomping Zepp like ‘Chasing Shadows’ while crooning fabulously on the pure rock n roll of closer ‘I Love The Weekend’, clearly dedicated to those early hip shakers who in turn influenced those early hard rockers. The group’s first studio album in six years, “Wonder Days” is the band’s 10th album but doesn’t even show a speck of rust thanks to the pulsating rock inherent in its 11 tracks, leaving no doubt of Thunder’s place in the annals of British rock history. Wonder days indeed.

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