Thundermother – “Heat Wave (Deluxe Edition)”

Thundermother – “Heat Wave (Deluxe Edition)” 2CD / 2LP (AFM Records)
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Released last summer, this one passed me by in the mood of the pandemic, but I’m so glad it’s since been enhanced into a double release with no less than 10 other previously unreleased tracks! Formed over a decade ago by guitarist Filippa Nässil, Thundermother have issued 3 prior albums although in 2017, the band reformed completely. With a new line up all contributing to the song writing, “Heat Wave” proves the strength of the new line up, with last year’s release oozing the winning sounds of AC/DC, Motörhead, Twisted Sister, Joan Jett and many others in its 13 winning tracks. Now, with a mixture of 4 new tracks, 3 acoustic and 3 live songs – all previously unreleased – last summer’s fever that saw “Heat Wave” chart in many European countries – including Germany at #6 – is about to be repeated! With a top-notch sound courtesy of Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Aldrige), Nässil’s fast hard rock boogie riffs clang out on ‘Driving In Style’ as vocalist Guernica Mancini sings in her soul along with plenty of power to revv in the energy in leading up to the catchy singalong chorus before Nässil belts out a screamer of a solo as drummer Emlee Johansson and bassist Majsan Lindberg pound it out loud to an arena. Riffing in to make Angus proud on ‘Free Ourselves’, the addictive boogie groove is made even more potent thanks to Mancini’s pumping rock goddess vocals in building to another monster chorus, completed by teasing licks and female harmony croons. Of the new tracks ‘ You Can’t Handle Me’, is hard to ignore with its catchy but heavy crunching riffs completed by Johansson’s cowbell, and again the irresistible combination of female croons and teasing cow rock guitar – an absolute winner, while ‘Thunderous’ shows just how this band kicks ass live as AC/DC trademark riffs combine superbly with Mancini’s abundant soul to resonate through your body in rocking it out uncontrollably. I don’t normally bother with re-issues but doggone, this is just so damn good!
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