Thy Art Is Murder – “Hate”

Thy Art Is Murder – “Hate” (Nuclear Blast)

Furious death-core from down under! These Sydneysiders bring it on full steam on this album from CJ McMahon’s roaring death growls to the heavy chopping staccato rhythms shifting into fast blurring death at a seeming whim! Holding it all together come the pulsating guitars of Andy Marsh and Chris Brown with their abrasive riffs contrasted by brilliantly fluid melodies that add a definite technical – and atmospheric – element to songs like ‘Gates Of Misery’, ‘Defective Breed’ and ‘Shadow Of Eternal Sin’. It’s pretty much a new band from the one that started 6 years ago, but “Hate” is a big step up with a big sound production that has garnered Thy Art Is Murder with lots of support coming from the West Coast which is sure to see these Aussies up there with the likes of Cattle Decapitation and even Hatebreed.

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