THY GRAVE ”Anhedonia”

(addicted label)

Battle Helm Rating

Not being American I don’t have the same sort of tradition with drive-in movies and Grindhouse showings. All we had was Åsa Nisse and Ingmar Bergman. Not the same kind of dignity to that stuff, although Bergman is cult no matter what. If you wanted to experience the same kinda stuff that the US kids did you really had to dig deep. Thankfully it wasn’t the same with music. Today it is a whole different agenda. And one that I am thankful for. THY GRAVE is a doom/drone/sludge metal band that I am hearing for the first time. I have over the years come to hear a lot of different styles of metal and most of them I have liked. I am still relatively new to the whole sludge/drone thing but the more I hear the more I start to appreciate it. THY GRAVE play it cool enough for me to want to keep checking them out. This is heavy, it is slow but most of all it is so filled with angst that you need an anti-depressant or two to handle it. Anders Ekdahl

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