THY SHADE “The Last Goodbye”

“The Last Goodbye”

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I am not one for clichés but sometime you can’t help feeling like you’ll know what to get from a band just by the band name and album title. It could be that I am damaged from 30 odd years of listening to metal but hey, that is the way it is. I’ve heard and seen pretty much all there is to see. I am a sucker for a good goth metal album. I’ve been addicted ever since I heard Theatre Of Tragedy’s second album “Velvet Darkness They Fear”. Since then I’ve been trying to get my hands on as many goth metal releases as possible. THY SHADE is my latest encounter. This is a cool release. You got the female borderline operatic vocals but there is also a male voice that does some background vocals that add to the feeling of this being a bit special. Anders Ekdahl

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