Tiamat – “The Scarred People”

Tiamat – “The Scarred People” (Napalm Records)

These guys have come a long ways since they used to play black metal as Treblinka in 1990. Now, over 22 years later only main man Johan Edlund remains and the band today plays atmospheric gothic rock. But exquisite it certainly is! Edlund now sings in baritone vocals, with gothic riffs to match, but the difference is the 70 rock almost reminiscent of Pink Floyd that also brings in delicate mandolins, psychedelic harmonies, space rock keyboards and some far out guitar work. As such, songs like ‘Before Another Wilbury Dies’, ‘The Morning Of The Red Sun’ and ‘Messinian Letter’ radiate rock energy with hints of beautiful melancholy and atmospheric intensity. All in all a superb tenth anniversary album that exudes musical maturity and brilliant composition! When all the darkness has gone, the sun always shines Johan….

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