TIDAL DREAMS “Once Upon A Tide”

“Once Upon A Tide”
(Iron On Iron)
I really hope that the band name is some sort of promise as to what I’ll get from listening to this album. I could really do with being swept away by some really great heavy metal. It doesn’t have to be symphonic or anything as long as it is great. Great is what I really need right now. And symphonic it isn’t. More like epic. One of my most recent metal great is Italian Doomsword. I have not heard one single bad album form this band. I get the same kind of epic vibes from Tidal Dreams. This is the kind of chest beating metal that I like. If you like bands like Chilean Battlerage and Bewitched, Norwegian Hades Almighty or Italian Doomsword you’re gonna love this album too. This is great in all its glory. Anders Ekdahl

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