TIEFROT “Manege Frei”

“Manege Frei”

Battle Helm Rating

TIEFROT is a strange beast. At least to me. I don’t think I have ever heard a band that makes me think of Cabaret gone metal in a Circus. Listening to this is like being trapped in a nightmare. I can best describe it as being trapped in the universe that Stephen King created with his book “It”. But I like it, I even love it. It is so totally over the top that I cannot do anything else than to love it. TIEFROT move all over the place. It is dramatic, it is epic, it is symphonic, it is tricky. It is basically like being tricked by a crazy clown. And the fact that they sing in German adds to the feeling of being trapped in a nightmare. This albums slithers like a snake on the prey. This is a really strong album from TIEFROT. Anders Ekdahl

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