TIEFROT “Rabenhertz”

(STF Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Neue Deutsche Härte. A style that I didn’t even know I was a fan of until I realized that that is what Rammstein is all about. The New German Hardness. But know I also realize that I am much more a fan of NDH than I at first thought. TIEFROT are not new to me. This is the third record, if I’ve counted right, that I hear by them. And TIEFROT mixes NDH with gothic rock/metal. This new album is very much a metal record but with that delightful NHD/gothic twist. This is one hell of a cool record. NDH is also called Tanzmetall but I am not really sure how to dance to this album. Unless you call frenetic headbanging dancing. This one impressed me so much that I am almost speechless. So full of cool melodies, haunting rhythms and guitars that cuts barb wire. A really strong album that will be me for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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