TIGERSCLAW ”Princess Of The Dark”

”Princess Of The Dark”

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I might be going out on a limb but this to me has the vibe of being modern metal. I don’t know why but whenever I see this band’s name I get the image of photos of panda painted men. I know, my brain is fucked up royally. Had I read the info sheet beforehand I would have known that this is female fronted metal. I don’t get to hear too much power metal these days but whenever I do I realize how much I miss it. This might be described as symphonic metal but that is not what I hear even though the vocals have that tendency. Musically this makes me remember the Finnish band Sinergy. It also makes me think of bands like Kamelot or Evergrey and other power metal bands with that theatrical touch. This might very well be this week’s high light. Anders Ekdahl

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