(Les Acteurs De L’ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is one of my fave labels when it comes to black metal that is a bit off the charts. The stuff that doesn’t really follow any sort of maps about how it should be. And as much as I love no holds, full on black metal I also love the stuff that is so off that you need to draw your own maps to follow it. That to me is like writing your own guide book to the synapses in your brain. The kind of music that does things to your senses you didn’t think was possible. Some find that in jazz. I find it in stuff like Italian Monumentum or French Deathspell Omega. And now in TIME LURKER, which is such a fitting name to the band. Listening to this you feel like you are transcended to a different dimension. Just close your eyes and let the music take you on a journey. Anders Ekdahl

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