Timor Et Tremor – “For Cold Shades”


Timor Et Tremor – “For Cold Shades” (Trollzorn Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Wow, if you like your black metal melancholic but filled with wondrous and bountiful dark melodies, then this Germanic band will no doubt appeal with their brand of ‘Chattic Black Pagan Metal‘! I’ll be the first to confess I have little idea what ‘chattic’ means but the rest certainly fits the bill of intense emo melodies driven by the twin guitars of Marco Prüssing and Martin Stosic, along to Hendrik Müller’s heartbroken drawls and haunting backing vocals. The pace for the main is mid tempo, although at times it does quicken through Jan Prüssing’s double bass drumming but it never strays far into blast beating, and that holds true for the rest of the band, creating a powerfully sombre atmosphere throughout the album and certainly befitting its dark, moonlit cover. The material itself conveys this feeling even more expressively through songs like ‘The Ghost In All That Dies’, ‘Fen Fire’ and ‘Ethereal Dome’ and I will say that such is their quality, as produced by Markus Stock (Ahab, The Vision Bleak, Secrets Of The Moon) that “For Cold Shades” hooked me right from the off and kept me listening throughout its eight mesmerizing tracks of undoubted sadness, yet also shining of blinding talent.

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