TITAN’S EVE “Life Apocalypse”

”Life Apocalypse”
Canadian thrash metal has given me some great memories over the years. And it still seems to do so. Titan’s Eve are on to a new album that seems to be another concept one. Truth be told I haven’t for the longest of time cared too much about the lyrics unless they are blatantly racist or fascist or of the more derogatory kind. All I really care for is the music. And seeing how much I liked Titan’s Eve’s last album this one has the promise of being another favourite. I like the thrash metal that they play. I have a number of bands from the second wave of thrash that I keep using as reference points and Titan’s Eve are up there with Holy Terror, Defiance, Agony when it comes to thrashing with the best. This is another damn fine thrash metal album that not only brings about memories of times passed but also brings about a need to mosh like there’s no tomorrow. Anders Ekdahl

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