TNT – “Encore Live in Milano”

TNT – “Encore Live in Milano” CD / DVD / Blu-Ray (Frontiers Music)
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Formed in 1982, TNT are Norway’s first ‘heavy metal’ band, releasing 12 studio LPs and selling around 5 million albums worldwide. While they do have their heavy moments, I’d describe TNT more as a melodic hard rock band, certainly by today’s standards, but that probably matters little to their legion of longtime fans! Since 2015, the band have been on a rollacoaster ride with American vocalist Tony Harnell, whose departures and re-appearances both for logistical reasons and other disagreements finally culminated in a new vocalist, Baol Bardot Bulsara, being recruited to sing on “XIII”, release last June, which Harnell was originally scheduled to perform on. As such, this special live album, recorded during TNT’s headlining set at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, may be the last time we hear from him. It’s really a shame for all, as the collaboration between Harnell and founder guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø is truly special, as amply evidenced on this special set of 15 classics lifted from timeless albums like “Knights Of The New Thunder”, “Intuition”, “Tell No Tales”, and “My Religion”. From the crunching riffs on ‘She Needs Me’, Harnell’s soul and highs take the song to the next level, grabbing your attention and filling your heart full of grace as the harmonies become even more uplifting before Le Tekrø’s fretboard burning and axe wails add the quintessential ‘TNT’ to the mix – fantastic! Soaring even higher on ‘Forever Shine On’, Harnell proves why despite all the troubles over the years, he remains the fan favourite and there’s little to doubt him here, adding the hooks and catches to Le Tekrø’s raw guitar that soon goes into overdrive as it screams and funks out in his own masterly hands. Closing with the classic ‘Everyone’s A Star’, Harnell leads with his wails backed by the solid rhythm including founder drummer Diesel Dahl that soon get the crowd clapping as Le Tekrø teases them on to the grand finale of feedback, screams and roars! Whether we see Harnell ever again with TNT remains a question, but this live album serves as a fitting testament to a great performance with him, and as such cannot be missed by fans.
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