TODAY FOREVER “Relationshipwrecks”

Oh no, not another metalcore album. What is it with all these metalcore acts? Why can’t they just leave the hype behind and just concentrate on the music. Today Forever aren’t that bad. They do have all the characteristics of metalcore but it isn’t that hard to listen to once you get past the fact that it is metalcore. I like the fact that it is pretty up-tempo and not too much break-downs. That makes it more bearable. Actually I have no problem with metalcore per se. As long as the music is good I don’t really care what they play. Today Forever are no worse than all the other metalcore acts I’ve heard. As this seems to be the new crossover I have to succumb to the fact that this is what the “kids” listen to today. I could mosh to this if necessary. There is a groove to it that makes it passable. I quite enjoyed “Relationshipwrecks” as a whole. Maybe metalcore is for me too after all. Anders Ekdahl

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