TO/DIE/FOR “Samsara”

Finns TO/DIE/FOR might be a familiar name to most of you guys into goth metal/rock but I have to admit that I can’t remember if I’ve ever come across a record of theirs before this new one. Having had a six year hiatus might have affected the band in more ways than one but since this is my first real encounter with them I have no idea what’s new and what’s not in their sound. All I can do is succumb to the fact that this is good stuff. I don’t know why I haven’t bothered to check them out before. There is a melancholy to their heaviness that strikes the right kind of chords in me. I like music that isn’t to cheerful and happy. If you feel that HIM are to poppy and happy-go-lucky then this could very well be your kind of band. I know it is mine. Anders Ekdahl

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