Tom Keifer – “The Way Life Goes”

Tom Keifer – “The Way Life Goes” (Warner Music)

During the 80s, Cinderella were one of the biggest hair rock bands around grossing multi platinum albums and their videos receiving heavy airplay on MTV. Fronting them was founder Tom Keifer, who successfully led the band – until he lost his voice owing to vocal paresis. Thereafter began the slide as labels dropped the band and were reluctant to sign them as Keifer’s voice continued to manifest sporadic health issues. Despite this Cinderella continued to tour where they could but it would not be until 2009 that Keifer’s voice was certified as 100%, by which time the band were being marketed on their legacy. Amazingly, this solo album has been something Keifer has had on the go since 2003 but is the first new studio material since 1994 from either himself or his band! Listening to “The Way Life Goes” I’ll answer the million dollar question straight away: Tom’s voice has indeed healed and is 100%! Given songs like ‘Cold Day In Hell’ are on par with the power of Cinderella, whilst the piano closer of ‘You Showed Me’ is actually quieter, my guess is that any vocal flaws would be immediately noticeable so this is a brave move for Keifer indeed. As for the next million dollar question the answer is yes, it is pretty close to Cinderella although leaning generally towards acoustic country rock rather than stadium rock, although the kick ass ‘Mood Elevator’ is definitely old school Cinderella! Gone is the hairspray and the pretty boy pouts, but Tom Keifer has returned the seasoned rocker with classic Americana branded into his rawhide rock.

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