Tombs – “Savage Gold”


Tombs – “Savage Gold” (Relapse Records)

Mixing post and black metal, Brooklyn’s Tombs are one of the most sought after experimental bands in the underground right now. Formed in 2007, they have already released 2 full length albums and now are pushing out the boundaries even further on “Savage Gold”, which was produced Hate Eternal’s death meister Erik Rutan. Mike Hill’s hoarse roaring vocals compete with ferocious black / death metal riffing whilst at the next sound like Bauhaus with deep, baritone vocals accompanied by Joy Division like cold wave melodies – amazing! Unpredictably shifting from blast beats with heaps of cymbal work to lonely, depressive passages, songs like ‘Deathtripper’, ‘Thanatos’ and ‘Spiral’ come together in an intense combination fused together by heaps of reverb and shoe gazing walls of noise. Tombs certainly live up to their name in that whatever state their music takes form, it is dark beyond belief with a definite melancholic mood throughout, leaving an undoubted emotional impression through their intense multi faceted delivery.

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