Tombstone Highway – “Ruralizer”

Tombstone Highway – “Ruralizer” (Agonia Records)

Doggone it, this hasta be one of the most bizarre releases I’ve heard in a while – southern fried lickin’ rock played by a buncha Italians lol! Complete with banjo, they infuse Lynyrd Skynyrd and Down to create an awesome southern groove complete with redneck rawk vocals, down tuned geetars and a rollin’ stoner groove that kick ass on ‘Acid Overlord’, ‘Hellfire Rodeo’ and ‘Bite The Dust N Bleed’. Formed at the turn of the century by HM Outlaw (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Banjo) and Emilio S.O.B. Sobacchi (Drums), the partnership soldiered on for the best part of a decade before adding more more members and recording this album. If you can get over the idea of this being a fine interpretation of an old style – and their cover of Mountain’s ‘Mississippi Queen’ being a prime example – rather than the genuine stars n bars article then “Ruralizer” is certainly a worthy addition to any collector of hillbilly rock.

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