TOMBSTONES “Year Of The Burial”

“Year Of The Burial”
Doom metal from Norway isn’t your everyday experience. And while I totally love Candlemass I have a huge appreciation for the more heavier stuff too. I love things that go doom in the night. That are so slow and heavy that you can actually hear the drag marks it makes. Tombstones are that heavy. It’s like St Vitus or Witchfinder General had been played on 20RPMs. This drags its feet along like a man with no hope of salvation. This is music for the sinner with no chance of redemption. This is the soundtrack to your own crucifixion. It’s too late to repent. You’ll join Sisyphus’s pushing that rock up that wall in all eternity. If that sounds like a way to spend eternity then you might want to add this album to your playlist. Anders Ekdahl

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