TOMBSTONES “Red Skies And Dead Eyes”

“Red Skies And Dead Eyes”
Norwegian TOMBSTONES I already interviewed a while back. I don’t know why but I somehow missed out on their previous album. A mistake I won’t do again. So here is their new album. For some reason I kinda expect this to be in the St Vitus/Trouble end of the doom metal specter. I have no idea what they have mixed with the water from the fjords but this is heavy like hell in a drag-your-feet kinda way. Don’t know how much St Vitus/Trouble this is. Instead it makes me think of a stoner Cathedral. Or a Black Sabbath on anything slower than 33RPM’s. This is doom’n’gloom to last till the end of the earth. Don’t know why I haven’t checked this one out before. Anders Ekdahl

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