(Soman Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I wonder what the world of metal would have sounded like had not Black Sabbath released that epic debut album back in 1970. I don’t know how many bands and genres there are out there that has been heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. I gotta admit that I am not up to date on who’s who in Hallows Eve even though I like that band but Tommy Stewart is apparently part of that band. This is his two-piece bass/drums/vocals doom metal band. Yeah, you read right. No guitars. And had I not read it I wouldn’t have noticed. This is just as heavy as it would have been with a guitar. It is almost to the point now that it annoys me that I know that there is no guitar because now I try to listen for the absent guitar instead of the music. But this is doom that is heavier than hell and slower that a turtle. But it is also bloody pleasant to listen to. This is doom. Anders Ekdahl

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