TOMMY VITALY “Hanging Rock”

“Hanging Rock”
(Rock It Up)
I do not think that I’ve heard of Tommy Vitaly before, or even heard anything by him before I got this record. I gotta say that I’m pretty impressed by it. I kinda expected a guitar wanking album but this turned out to be a full on heavy metal album akin to what Judas Priest has done, just faster. I really miss guitar solos in modern metal. On this album you get the solos. What a relief. I get the same kind of feeling I got the first time I heard Hammerfall. This is heavy metal the way I like heavy metal. Full off attitude, great guitar solos and an aggression that makes you sweaty just listening to it. I had no expectations on it and it proved to be a great surprise. Thank you Tommy Vitaly. Anders Ekdahl

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