(Battlegod Productions)
OK, I’ll say it once and then I won’t say it again in this review. For me to go mad over another project it got to have something very special. I don’t see the purpose of just writing an album and then invite a bunch of known names to perform on it. Norwegian metal project Tomorrow’s Outlook might be just another project among many but let’s hope that it has something to offer to make it stand out from the rest. It did start on a pretty high note. I immediately found some strings that struck a chord in me. This wasn’t the same old tired star parade. There was something more to it. OK, so it is pretty much another power metal album but it kinda made me think of Artch and anything that does that can’t be too bad. As always it is hard to judge what the individual stars involvement adds to songs but they are good enough for just one single vocalist to handle them. Anders Ekdahl

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