TORCH ”Reignited”


Battle Helm Rating

TORCH has made one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time with their eponymously titled debut album. That one is a true masterpiece. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to match it with the “ElectriKiss” album. By 1984 it was all over. Until 2009 when we saw an album of rerecorded songs. Not the greatest of albums to be released. As we write 2020 a new album sees the light of day. And this is one I am looking forward to based on the previews I’ve heard. It can never be like it was in the early 80s but this one still brings back memories of what it used to be like. As a heavy metal album in 2020 this is as good as it gets. As a TORCH album in 2020? I don’t think they could have made it any other way without rerecording that self titled debut album. This is to me the logical continuation of that said album. I like what I hear on this new album. Anders Ekdahl

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