“Addicted Blues”
([Addicted Label])

Battle Helm Rating

This is a three way split. I am not familiar with TORF but they sound okay. Some sort of stoner doom. There is a nice flow to their songs that got me hooked. This is a band that I will keep checking out. I don’t like splits for a lot of reasons but one is that if the first band is good then the next one has to be even better. And I am not sure if SIXPACKGODS are better. The most annoying thing is that I do know who they remind me of but I cannot get it out. But this was a disappointment. Now I know who they remind me of, White Zombie and Rob Zombie in particular. I really hope THY GRAVE can pick it up so that this split ends on a high note. It sure is a step up from the previous band. This time it is much more doom metal than it is stoner. But there is an element of sludge as well as darker metalstyles too in it that makes it feel a bit dirty and dangerous. I like it. This was a nice ending to this split and 66,6% is a decent enough turn out for a split. Anders Ekdahl

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