TORMENT “Occult”

(Great Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Torment is a very common band name, or so it seems. When this one appeared I first thought it was the German Torment that had reappeared. It turned out to be a French TORMENT instead. Not that I complain. The stuff Great Dane Records usually release is of the highest standard. At least to my ears. This is old school death metal. It hit me that lately that I haven’t heard that much death metal in the recent months. I have better check on obscure black metal than I have on cool death metal. So it is a bit of relief when this one came along. Now I can indulge in some really cool death metal. As I listen to this I get a Swedish vibe from it. The vocals might be more Cannibal Corpse while the music is Dismember. Throw in some black metal-ish screams too and you got an album that is more than decent. In fact this is yet another cool French metal act. Anders Ekdahl

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