TORMENT OF SOULS ”Zombie Barbecue”

”Zombie Barbecue”
(A Chance For Metal)

Battle Helm Rating

This German band seem so familiar to me. I think that I have run into them in the 90s when I read fanzines. Having formed in 1994 they were there at the height of the death metal explosion. This is as far as I can tell a rerelease of their 2014 album. And listening to this I see no reason why not to release it again. This is really good death metal with a heap of cool melodies. In a way they remind me of Dismember. And that is just dandy seeing as Dismember is one of my all time fave death metal bands. I love all things death metal but whenever something comes along my way like this I shine up like a child at x-mas. This might not be the fastest or the heaviest or the most brutal death metal but it is good enough for me. Anders Ekdahl

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