TORMENT “Suffocated Dreams”

“Suffocated Dreams”
(Punishment 18)
TORMENT in all its variation is a common word to be used for a band name. You might have to use your brain a bit more than usual to keep them all apart but it might prove to be a well earned use of extra energy when you find a TORMENT that is really cool. This is a reissue. I can’t recall having heard it the first time around. But the again there are too many bands to keep track of, past and present. This is the kind of thrash that had I heard it in the 90s I would have labelled it second wave, perhaps third wave. You got the harsh vocals mixed with the frenetic riffing making this a very tight sounding album. There is something to this that makes it hard not to like. don’t know what the band were up to before this album and don’t know what they did after it but I like this now as I would have done back when it was released the first time. Anders Ekdahl

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