Tormenta – “Tormented Souls”

“Tormented Souls” MCD
(Rock N Growl Records)

Well, if the tiny islands of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean (!) can have a metal scene let alone spawn a metal band as good as Tormenta, we all live in the new age of hope indeed! Originally inspired by the Big 4 (well, more Sepultura than Anthrax), these guys have evolved thru sheer hard work and musicianship wise they are as competent as any upcoming band in Europe or the US. What they lack however is any real originality to their sound, which is no fault given their relative isolation, and can be best described as new age thrash more in the vein of Hirax or even Helstar on songs like ‘Illumi Nation’ or ‘Hours Of Darkness’, although Mu-k’s vocals are decidedly more Caveleraesque than Rivieraesque! Still, they are definitely worth a check out especially if your tastes in metal extend into the exotic!

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