TORMENTED “Rotten Death”

“Rotten Death”
I never thought I’d admit to liking being nostalgic but I do like this new wave of Swedish death metal that take from the past and turn it into something new and refreshing. Maybe it’s the first sign of old age, being nostalgic and remembering the good old days. Not that it was any better back then. It was just new and fresh. Tormented is a band I’ve never met before but this is like listening to old Nihilist or Grave demos. It gives me that same feeling of hearing Swedish death metal for the first time. I’m sure that that isn’t why I like Tormented’s death metal. I like it because it’s good and for no other reasons than that. So if you like old Swedish death metal mixed with the sound of Autopsy then this might be right up your alley. I know it’s up mine. Anders Ekdahl

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