TORN THE FUCK APART “The Dissection Of Christ”

“The Dissection Of Christ”
Torn The Fuck Apart is a pretty cool band name as well as a declaration of intent. This is a band that you don’t want to mess with. Or you’ll end up six feet under in a nameless grave. Or at least that is what I hope you’re destiny will look like if you cross this band. I’ll be disappointed if they turn out to be some kind of weak shit and weak they are not. This is death metal along the lines of bands like Suffocation and those really hardcore death metal bands that you find on labels like Sevared and more. This is very American in sound. it all started with Cannibal Corpse and has since then just escalated to where it is nowadays. If you can’t take this kind of brutality you should stay well clear of this. If you on the other hand can’t get enough of this gory mess of a death metal sound then by all means feel free to check them out. Anders Ekdahl

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